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Calgary Newborn Photographer: Celebrate the Birth of your Little One by Capturing this Special Moment Forever

What is Newborn Photography

Are you expecting a new bundle of joy? A newborn session at our studio is the perfect way to capture the newness of your baby in a collection of timeless and adorable images that you will endlessly treasure. The day your baby enters this world marks the beginning of a new life and it will become one of the most memorable experiences in your family. Understanding how precious these first few weeks are and how quickly they pass, we are honoured to have the opportunity to capture these fleeting moments, for you, forever. There really is no better way to commemorate and announce your beautiful new addition to the world.

Calgary Newborn Photographer


Newborn Session Features & Pricing

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$695 – Full Newborn Session

Includes High Resolution Digital Files
  •  SessionFee-Icon-Purple-JM-Photography 2 to 4 hour Session – we work at babies pace 🙂
  •   30-50 Proofed Edits to order prints from
  •  Digitals-Icon-JM-Photography All High Resolution Digital Edited Files
  • up to 10 people (Additional $25/person)
  • Premium Editing
  • Prints and albums are additional and can be as a print collection or a la carte
  • Additional Editing can be purchased at $25 per 15 minutes




What can you Expect from your Newborn Session?

Our relaxed and intimate 1 to 4 hour sessions are designed to create an environment that puts both baby and mom at ease. The studio is heated to a comfortable warmth that encourages sleep, even if it’s mom catching a little bit of shut eye. We also play white noise in the form of a heart beat and in combination with the warm environment, these sounds make your newborn feel at ease throughout the shoot. Awake or asleep we go to work capturing adorable shots of your little one curled up, smiling, or sleeping soundly in a variety of poses. We nestle them amongst blankets, in baskets, and even wearing cute little props such as headbands or hats to enhance the artistry of the final images. We take a combination of clothed shots and shots in the buff to showcase, the smallness and delicate nature of your little one. Mom, dad and other family members are always welcome however the focus of the shoot will be on your families newest addition.


Calgary Newborn Photographers


When is the Best Time?

Once you are past the first few weeks of life your baby will become increasingly more alert and aware of their surroundings, because of this, we highly recommend booking your session anywhere between the first 6 to 10 days of life. This time is absolutely perfect for those adorable bendy and curled up photos that we all love so much. At this point in time your little one is incredibly pliant, so we are able to pose them in a variety of adorable and relaxed positions that are very comfortable for your baby. Also during this time babies are also much sleepier and therefore it is much easier to move them without disturbing them. If they do wake, this still provides us with an the opportunity for a few exciting shots of an alert and curious baby.

Calgary Newborn Photographers


What if My Baby is Older than Two Weeks?

As mentioned above after two weeks, your baby will become significantly more alert and aware of their surroundings. Because they will be a lot more active it becomes increasingly more difficult to pose them in those cute, wrapped up sleeping positions that you would expect in a newborn session. Infant acne is also relatively common in babies 2 to 4 weeks old. If this occurs, your session would need to be postponed until it clears up which is usually when baby is around 1 to 2 months old.

So if your baby is past the two week mark, we are still able to photograph your baby! We love working with babies past the 14 day mark, it just means that the finished photos will have a slightly different look and style to them. After the two week mark, babies’ arms and legs become longer and they will remain alert for a much larger portion of the day. Nevertheless, this is not always the case, as every baby is different. Some will grow quicker than others, and some will continue to enjoy being curled up. As long as you remain open minded, there are an assortment of opportunities for amazing photographs of your baby after the two week mark. This basically just means that the photos we capture will be much more varied, but no less precious.

Calgary Newborn Photographers


How to Prepare for Your Session

Sessions with your Calgary Newborn Photographer are much different than your more typical portrait sessions, in that they are much more personal than a regular shoot. You will be much more involved in your newborn session, and we are there to help guide you through the process. We hold the session at our studio in order to maintain a comfortable and intimate atmosphere for you and your new baby. In preparation for the shoot, there are a few things that you can do to make the day run as smoothly as possible.

Newborn Photography Calgary


How to Prepare for Your Session

We recommend wearing soft clothing with no hard edges (eg. Zippers, buttons), and choosing an outfit that is comfortable for both yourself and your newborn, especially in the event that you would like to be included in a few of the photos. Bring along some bottled water and even a few snacks for yourself, as the 1 to 4 hour sessions can feel like a long time without food or drink! Any toys, mementos, outfits, or blankets that you would like include in the photos can be brought to the session as well. Outfits for the baby should ideally be fastened with buttons or snaps, rather than pull overs, in order to disturb the newborn as little as possible during costume changes. A pacifier would also be a good item to bring along with you. Because we try to photograph your newborn in the buff, please loosen diapers when you arrive at the session in order to reduce diaper lines in the shots.


The Milk Coma

We also ask that you do your best to keep baby awake 1 to 2 hours before the session and that you abstain from feeding them until you arrive. Once you arrive we will let baby feed for as long as they would like as this will put them into what we affectionately call a “Milk Coma”. Your little one will be full and ready to sleep making it all the more simple for us to start working them into those prefect little poses in the buff.


Preparing for Accidents

Another significant item to note when preparing for your session: Babies tend to relieve themselves quite a good deal, and the reality is that they often tend to do this at the most inopportune moments. Prepare to bring a change of clothes for yourself, as well as extra diapers and wipes for your baby along with you to the session… just in case the moment arises! You can never be too prepared for this sort of thing!

Additionally, feel free to let us know if you have any ideas or themes in mind for your photos. We are more than happy to accommodate your vision. We love to collaborate on colours, props, and schemes for the shoot. These photos are for you to treasure forever, and the more involved you are, the more special these images will become.

Most importantly, just relax, have fun, and enjoy the moment! We definitely understand that new parents will be nervous, but we aim for you to feel as secure and at ease as you possibly can. These sessions are incredibly precious, and we want you and your baby to enjoy every second of it.

Calgary Newborn Photographer


How Soon Should I Book?

As we all know babies decide when they are ready to come into the world, and therefore we book a tentative session date to reserve the time, and adjust if needed once your little one is born. Ideally we recommend booking at least 2 to 3 months in advance of the due date, but like anything else, the sooner you can book, the better, especially if your are thinking of having maternity photos done. This way we will not miss out on that tiny two week window after birth to photograph your new baby. Please contact us once you have arrived home with your little one so we can confirm your exact session date.

Newborn Photography Calgary


What if My Baby Gets Sick?

If your baby comes down with a cold right around the corner from your Newborn Photography Calgary session, do not worry! We can always reschedule for a day when they are feeling better. Sick babies will not be happy in a photoshoot, and we would rather postpone a shoot in order to have beautiful photos of your happy sleepy baby than to trudge through with an agitated one! We want you to be head over heels for the portraits of your newborn, so please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule.

Calgary Newborn Photographer


Our Studio and Style

As previously mentioned, we offer our Calgary newborn photography sessions in the comfort of our Calgary studio. This means that we are able to maintain a comfortable temperature of 28C to keep your baby very comfortable. Our Calgary baby photographers use natural light, reflectors, and consistent strobes for soft, clean, and even lighting of your precious newborn. We aim to make your baby look as lovely and photogenic as possible with soft, blurry, and overall very charming photos. In case you can’t think of anything to bring to the session, don’t worry, we have a ton of props! Most importantly, we strive to make the session as fun and rewarding as possible. We like to keep the atmosphere completely relaxed, taking plenty of breaks and keeping a slow and calm pace. A stress-free environment within the studio generally equates to a much more comfortable baby. When any feeding breaks are needed, you are absolutely free to take them. In fact, we encourage it, and these tender moments can be utilized in the shoot if you would like (see: lifestyle Baby Photography Calgary below).


Posed and Lifestyle Photography

There are two different styles in which newborn photography usually functions: posed photographs and lifestyle photographs. Posed photos are exactly what they sound like, and we love photographing our babies in a variety of adorable poses. These include moulding the babies into cute and comfortable curled up positions, utilizing props such as little hats and blankets, and taking a number of close up shots of their tiny feet and hands. We predominantly use posed photography in our newborn sessions because it is the most classic way to photograph your baby, but this definitely does not mean we are restricted to poses. We would be delighted to insert a couple great lifestyle photos of you and your newborn into the session. Lifestyle photography is very trendy at the moment, and generally refers to a shot of the baby in a more natural setting, such as when he/she is being fed or cuddled in between poses and during breaks. We are more than happy to integrate some shots of this nature into your session, as it will give some variety to your images. If you want some of these types of photos, just let us know, and we will be happy to work them in.


Session Safety

Our number one priority is the comfort and safety of your newborn. We do everything we can to maintain a safe and cozy environment for you and your baby during, before, and after the session. Keeping the studio warm for the baby is key, because babies in the buff would otherwise get cold very quickly. A cold baby equals a fussy baby, and a fussy baby is not a happy baby! Happiness and comfort are key to a smooth newborn session.
Working exclusively on the ground level helps to keep your little one safe and sound, since as we all know, babies are prone to squirming! We also use a 5 x 5 beanbag to keep the babies from rolling away from us, and therefore if they do decide to shift, they are protected on all sides.

In addition to providing a secure and calm environment, we also ensure that we wear loose, soft, and light clothing in order to avoid scratching the baby. Our jewelry is removed and our nails are filed smoothly for the exact same reason. After each and every session we clean everything with a gentle hypoallergenic and scent free soap to maintain a fresh and healthy germ free environment. Everything from the blankets to the headbands are washable, so we are easily able to clean everything after each session. Your peace of mind is a top priority, and you can be assured that your newborn is in good hands with us!


Calgary Newborn Photographer


The Perfect Gift for a Loved One that is Expecting a Baby

Do you know someone who is expecting a baby? Would you like to get them a timeless and unique gift? A session with our Calgary Newborn Photographer Amy Cheng makes an excellent gift for your friends or family who are expecting a new addition. We offer gift certificates for these incredible sessions, which are perfect for baby showers. If you yourself are expecting, we can also create a registry where you may collect funds toward your newborn session. We are very happy to accommodate for this exciting time in your life!


Don’t Forget Your Maternity Photography

Before your little one arrives, consider a maternity session to capture the excitement and anticipation of your new arrival. We can capture the beautiful radiant glow of your pregnancy in a 1 to 2 hour session. Using either an outdoor or an indoor location of your choice or our design, you will have a remarkable collection of images to look back on. The maternity photos would make an excellent complement to your newborn photos and album.

Calgary Newborn Photographer

Calgary Newborn Photographer