Marlene Pouliotte’s Portrait Session Photographed in Harvest Hills For She’s So Brave by Discovery House

She’s So Brave – Marlene Pouliotte

What is your name?

Marlene Pouliotte. And this is Mikey and this is Scotty.

She motions to her puppies.

They are my boys, my crazy boys.

What does your life look like?

What does my life look like? Well it’s a bit of a crazy life. I’ve got these two to look after full time, plus a husband who’s disabled that requires 24-hr care.

Are you working right now?

I don’t work, that takes all the time in the world I have. There’s not enough hours in the day for me.

I believe it. And where did you grow up?

I grew up in Calgary, born and raised, born in the backseat of our neighbours car on memorial drive enroute to the general hospital

And, so you had your childhood here, and you met Gary at some point. When did you get married?

Gary and I got married in ‘89, September 2, 1989. We knew each other 6 years before we got married.

Took him a while to pop the question?

We didn’t even like each other at first.

How did he win you over?

Just constantly seeing each other. (We had the) same friends, we lived in the same area. He’s a Bowness boy himself. Actually his parents’ backyard was Bowness Park Lagoon. I went to Bowness High and Gary did to, but different years. Gary is nine years older than I am. Gary’s 62.

You definitely didn’t grow up together then. What year did you graduate?

I graduated in… eighty… it’s been so long. A long time ago.

So how old were you when you got married?

I was 24, he was 33.

So what would you say is the bravest thing you’ve done in your life?

The bravest thing I’ve done in life, I still do every day. It’s continuing to look after Gary when the doctors said he should’ve been institutionalized.

I still consider that the bravest thing I do. And to get him to the point he is now, he’s not independent, but almost there. To an extent.

How long has it been?

Six years since his stroke.

And when he came out of the hospital, they said he should go to a home?

They said he should have gone to assisted living.

Aren’t you the wife of the century?

Am I not a saint?


See my little wings?

Marlene laughs. We move to photograph Mikey and he barks. They play together while we photograph them all.

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We are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to photograph Marlene for She’s So Brave and we thank her for sharing her story of bravery with us!

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Images by Calgary Portrait Photographer JM Photography © 2017

Some of my Favourite Photos from Marlene’s Session

Marlene’s Portrait Session Details

Date | 10.12.17
Location |
Photos by Jeremy Martel
Editing by Kelly Anne Steel
Blog written by Jenna Anderson

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