Whether on location or at our studio, you will have a great time at your session!

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What to expect when you visit?

Before you even arrive at our studio, you will have a clear understanding of what’s going to happen, what to bring and how the session will run. We will have as much set up as possible (we may ask for your opinion on certain props) so that when you arrive, attention will entirely be on you and your little ones.

We work in a relaxed setting; breaks are taken when needed, feeding time with newborns is encouraged, collaborative ideas are sought.

Have an idea for a session? We’d love to work alongside you to coordinate colours, props and themes. We will do our best to make your session unique and special by personalizing those things that matter to you.

Family Friendly

We are a pet friendly, kid friendly studio who will go the extra mile to get that perfect image for your family. As photographers, we have many “hats” – we’re artists, interior designers, baby whisperers, party planners, kid wranglers, tickle experts, laughing coaches, good friends, style enthusiasts, clothing consultants, and so much more.

With your family as our main focus, we take pride in providing each family that visits our Calgary photography studio with memories that last a lifetime.