JM Photography FAQ

Welcome to our photography FAQ

Where we answer the most common questions families ask us when considering our studio.

[toggles class=”yourcustomclass”] [toggle title=”Do sessions come with the Digital images?”]The first thing you will need to decide is what type of session you should book. We have two different types of sessions the first being our digital session packages (Which include the Digital Files) these involve an all digital image delivery for the session. The second being a flat session fee booking, where you purchase your images at a gallery viewing at our studio after the session. The second option to book via our session fee of $200, covers my time to photograph you and does not include any images. These sessions are perfect if digital files are not your primary focus and you would like a couple nice prints to hang in your home or an album of your finished images.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Do you provide the High Resolution Images?”]Yes we definitely do. What you will receive are high resolution JPEG files that will be 3200×2000 @ 200 dpi. These high resolution files can printed as large as a movie post 20×30 at full resolution with no degradation in quality. We find this accommodates most families needs however if you need a full res copy of a few specific images let me know and I would be happy to send you the full resolution version. All of our images are 4K ready to display in all their glory on your high resolution monitors and TVs. Our studio software optimizes the photos from their original size (which can be anywhere from 100MBs to 1GB for some photos) to something that is usable, uploadable and printable.

This is also explained in the following video visually click here to view
[/toggle] [toggle title=”What if the weather is bad?”]We understand the unpredictability of Calgary weather and understand that sometimes, it may be necessary to either reschedule the shoot, move it inside to our studio (which is only possible with small groups), or move to another inside location. We want you and your family to feel safe on the day of your shoot. Typically, we like to continue the shoot outside up to a temperature of -10 degrees. However, that’s just our guideline, if you decide something differently, we want to respect that. If at any time you feel that it’s too cold for your little ones, please keep us informed and we will reschedule.[/toggle] [toggle title=”What is a Session Fee & What Do I Receive?” class=”in”]The session fee covers the time and talent of the photographer. This includes travel time to/from the shoot, actual photographing time, all communications leading up to that point and all post-processing work involved in editing the sometimes 300 to 700 images that we capture from a session (especially when active kids are involved!). No prints or images are included with the session fee if this is something your are looking for I would recommend checking out our Digital Session Packages. Fees are due 1 day before the session, however if you haven’t paid your session date is not guaranteed (See below for a more detailed answer). Images will be completed in 3 to 4 weeks, at which time you will be invited to our studio for your gallery viewing. [/toggle] [toggle title=”When do your Require Session Payment?”]We require full session payment for both our digital session packages and session fees 1 day before the session. Full payment in advance (or at least payment of the session fee) secures your session date for you and payments can be broken into convenient payment plans on request.[/toggle] [toggle title=”How long will it take to receive my proofs and to view some online?”]We take between 3-4 weeks to complete all of your edits for Full sessions. Mini or Medium sessions are completed in 10 to 14 days. Our full sessions also include some of our signatures edits. What are signature edits? Those are the edits that we do on a select number of outstanding pictures – the real “show stopper” pieces from your session! We will use a variety of textures, overlays, colourings, etc to make these truly one of a kind!

After all the edits are completed, we will either book you in for a viewing consultation at our studio or send you a link to your online gallery.[/toggle] [toggle title=”How long do I have to order pictures? “]For both digital session packages and session fees we will hold on the photos for 6 months at which point they will be deleted from our system. With Digital Session Packages there are several ways to purchase prints, you can purchase them directly from your online gallery, visit the studio to see our printed examples, or take the provided high res digital files to a local print lab. For sessions (where only the session fee was paid) when you come in for your viewing session, you will have an opportunity to purchase discounted print/product packages, or individual products, depending on your needs. The discounted packages that we provide have been custom tailored to your viewing session, according to discounts our print labs are offering at that time. Those deals are only valid during your viewing session. After that session, additional products can be purchased through the online gallery or by contacting us directly at our regular prices structure. We encourage you to go through all the literature/pricing lists that we provide you with before you come to the viewing session.[/toggle] [toggle title=”How long does it take to get the prints once I order?”]This really depends on the print lab that is providing the product your purchased, production times and range from 1-2 weeks to 6-8 weeks. Larger products like our hand made Italian albums would take longer to finalize and produce. In most cases, once the prints have passed our quality inspection we have you pick them up from our studio location. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Do you do your own printing or do you use a service?”]We use several print labs across the globe. We have some of our albums hand made in Italy, other albums are custom designed in the States, our folio boxes and one of our portrait albums are custom designed in Australia. Framing, metal prints, boutique cards, wall mount prints etc all produced by various American companies. Our canvases are printed and framed in Canada and our custom wooden boxes are hand crafted by a Calgarian wood worker.[/toggle] [/toggles] [toggle title=”What is a Proofed Image?”]These are the images that we select, edit and present to at your Viewing Session. You then have the option to purchase either printed versions of these images or purchase a complete set of the proofed high resolution digital edits. Once you have purchased a high resolution digital edit (proof) it is yours to duplicate or print in any way you want.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Do you airbrush your photos?”]We definitely edit and clean up all our photos. It’s not really airbrushing as that is a technique done on film negatives that have been developed in a darkroom on photographic paper.

During the digital post processing time, we use a combination of programs and techniques to ensure that everyone we photograph looks their best. This involves us removing scratches, acne, scars, fixing up clothing and stray hairs, etc. We aren’t trying to make you into something that you’re not, we just do our best to enhance your beauty as seen through the camera. Be proud of who you are, the wrinkles that we all have, the laugh lines! Love your body for the amazing person that is seen on the images we create![/toggle]