Lynn Arsenault’s Portrait Session Photographed in Downtown Calgary For She’s So Brave by Discovery House

She’s So Brave – Lynn Arsenault

Tell us your name, and your age if you want.

I’m Lynn Arsenault. And I’m 54. Proudly.

Tell us a little about your life, things that make you you.

I was born in Winnipeg in 1963.

What brought you out to Calgary?

My husband was working out here. Actually Edmonton. Then Calgary.

How long have you been in Calgary?

Twenty-one years.

Something brave you’ve done in your life?

Scariest was when I was 18 years of age, telling my mom I was pregnant (with Shaun), and getting married. I was seven months pregnant when I walked down the aisle.

Anything that changed you?

I grew up really quick. High school kid to wife and mother. I had just graduated. I went from being a kid to being responsible. Kinda lost all my friends. Nobody wants to hang out with a mom.

That must have been challenging.

I don’t recommend it.

Her daughter Cally adds, “Mom was a STRONG advocate of me not having kids young.”

What was it like when you became a mom?

“This is my favourite story,” Cally says.

Shaun and the nursery?

Cally asks, “How did that go?”

Not well. At the time they used to keep all the babies in the same nursery, I went down to check out my son, and he was the ugliest baby there so I was debating switching name tags.

They laugh.

It’s because I was in labour so long he was all cracked and bleeding, sitting in fluids, so he was an ugly little thing. He knows the story.

“He turned out pretty alright.”

I should have taken a picture I guess.

Did being a mom come easy to you, or was it hard?

The first year or so was pretty hard. I didn’t even know how to cook or do laundry or look after a kid. Big learning curve.

Tell us a funny story of you being a young mom with Shaun.

I put fur all over his hands and face so he could be a werewolf. Nobody else was a werewolf. Not quite like that. (It was) probably grade two or three. He was young.

Tell us a funny story about Cally.

“I was a tame child,” Cally says. “Almost boring. My parents didn’t even care to remove sharp blades or put locks on doors because I didn’t care to look into drawers.”

I’m sure I can think of a few.


“Is my life this boring?” Cally asks. We all share a laugh.

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We are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to photograph Lynn for She’s So Brave and we thank her for sharing her story of bravery with us!

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Images by Calgary Portrait Photographer JM Photography © 2017

Some of my Favourite Photos from Lynn’s Session

Lynn’s Portrait Session Details

Date | 10.19.17
Location | Downtown Calgary
Photos by Cally Arsenault
Editing by Kelly-Anne Steel
Blog written by Jenna Anderson

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